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Anna Fucking Molnar - 07. 01. 18
Nina Proll's new movie 'Anna Fucking Molnar' has arrived in Austrian cinemas a few weeks ago. Marina & The Kats contributed the film score, which was composed by Geri Schuller.
Conchita - 27. 03. 17
Eurovision Songcontest winner Conchita has formed a new band. Severin Trogbacher is the musical director and i will be playing alongside Hans Jrgen Bart on drums and Oli Kerschbaumer on keys. Our first gig will be in Ybbs on march 31st.
Update - 14. 12. 16
The last few months brought a lot of changes for me - we've been playing a lot of gigs with Julian le Play and 'Zugvgel' went gold. And about half a year ago I became the new bass player for Marina & The Kats. In November we released our new album 'Wild' and ever since we've been touring Austria and Germany intensly. Watch out for dates!
Zugvgel - 22. 02. 16
I recently spent four very intense weeks in France with Julian le Play and band, we were there to record our next album 'Zugvgel'. It will be released in end of april.

Thu, 08. Feb 18 - Marina & The Kats
Vienna, doors 20:00
Fri, 09. Feb 18 - Marina & The Kats
Zell am See, doors 20:00
Sat, 17. Feb 18 - Marina & The Kats
Vienna, doors 20:00