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Vergrössern Fender '78 Precision Bass
Completely original precision bass from 1978.
Vergrössern Fender '62 Precision Bass
Completely original Precision Bass from 1962 in very good condition. It has been refretted at some point. The body is made from alder and it has also got a slabboard-rosewood neck.
Vergrössern Philippe Dubreuille Precision Bass with Zagler Neck
Philippe Dubreuille built this P-Bass customized for me. At some point i put a neck on it that Paul Zagler built for me.
Vergrössern Tokai '83 Hard Puncher
Japanese Precision Bass replica from 1983.
Vergrössern Tokai '84 Hard Puncher
Japanese Precision Bass replica from 1984. I put in a Philippe Dubreuille pickup.
Vergrössern Alleva Copollo KBP 5 Standard
5 string Precision Bass from Jimmy Copollo.
Vergrössern Fender Precision Bass
Mexiko-Fender from '93. I learned to play on this bass (more or less...). I installed a Schaller bridge and Tesla pickups.
Vergrössern Fender '65 Jazz Bass
Completely original Jazz Bass from 1965, in great condition. The body is alder, the fretboard is brazilian rosewood.
Vergrössern Fender '72 jazz Bass
'72 Jazz Bass in fairly good condition. It was refretted at some point, apart from that all parts are original. The body is alder.
Vergrössern Fender '78 Jazz Bass
Completely original Jazz Bass from '78 in Mary Kaye finish. The body is ash.
Vergrössern Paul Zagler Custom Jazz Bass
Passive Jazz Bass custom made by Paul Zagler. Special features: 35"- scale, Tesla pickups and electronics that enables me to switch between singlecoil and humbucker (serial as well as parallel). Plus, the neck is extra thick which affects the sound in a positive way. The body is ash.
Vergrössern Rickenbacker 4001
Completely original Rickenbacker from 1977. Neck-Thru construction and stereo output. I replaced the bridge with a Hipshot bridge.
Vergrössern Höfner Violin Bass, Ltd Edition Union Jack #32
This violin bass is from a very limited edition, Höfner made only 60 Union Jack designed ones. I came across this bass coincidentally in London and I just had to get it. It sounds very beatlesque and weighs just about 2,5 kg.
Vergrössern Yamaha TRB 5 PII
Very solid working axe - neck-thru construction, active electronics and additional piezo pickups in the bridge.
Vergrössern Gibson '78 RD Artist
This model was only built from '77 to '81 and this is a '78 which is in a total original condition. The bass has active Moog electronics which makes it a very versatile studio-axe. Unfortunately, it's quite heavy....
Vergrössern Lakland 55-94 Deluxe
35"- scale 5 string from 2003, the body is swamp ash. Flamed maple top, Bartolini pickups.
Vergrössern Jolana '73 Iris Bass
Shortscale bass that was made in 1973 in the former czechoslovakia.
Vergrössern Hoyer '66 Semiaccoustic Bass
Semiaccoustic bass from 1966. Sounds very sexy plugged as well as unplugged.
Vergrössern MusicMan StingRay 5 Fretless
I put 7 layers of lacquer on the fretboard to get a more singing tone.
Vergrössern Kala U-Bass Mahogany
A bassukulele made from mahogany. The polyurethane strings are responsible for that unique and punching sound of this instrument. Low-end will not be missed with the Kala. It feaures a Shadow Bridge Piezo pickup.
Vergrössern Gewa upright bass
Quite a common plywood bass, but it sounds decent. I put Underwood Piezo pickups in the bridge and I use a Fishman preamp.
Vergrössern Ampeg SVT-Classic Top
A classical tube amp - great sound, that always cuts through. Unfortunately, it's pretty heavy....
Vergrössern Aguilar AG-500 Top
2 channel solid state top with 500 watts @ 4 ohm. Sounds great and weighs only 8 kilos.