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Tyler rocks - 07. 03. 05
  Here's a short Tyler update: The longplayer Don't Play will be released on April 25th in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The next Single Hello will be dropped on April 4th. From then on we'll be playing regularly again, summer's highlight: mainstage on Aerodrome. Also check out the new Tyler website (see LINKS).  
Alternative For Asia - 27. 01. 05
  I contributed not only some bass playing but also some co-writing for the charity project 'Alternative For Asia'... more infos on www.alternativeforasia.com . The song is called Don't Close Your Eyes and we shot the video today. Release: Feb 7th 
New Page & Tjörn - 01. 01. 05
  You might have noticed that a few things have changed on the website, hope you like it. Also I have uploaded a brand new Tjörn track, which can be found in the music section. Happy new year! 
Sinatra Musical - 21. 12. 04
  I will play upright bass for the Frank Sinatra Musical 'Strangers In The Night' which will be running in February at the Metropol Vienna. Max Hagler is the musical director. 
3 Feet Smaller - 13. 11. 04
  In November I was in the studio twice to record the next two singles of Viennese Bowling Punk Band '3 Feet Smaller' - Last Christmas (as heard in the A1 commercial) and Reason Unknown (Japan edition). 
Steckling & Tanja Hilber - 07. 09. 04
  In september, I'll spend a lot of time at the FastForward studios to record the albums of Steckling as well as Tanja Hilber. Samples will follow. 
Tyler rocks - 20. 08. 04
  Things are getting started with Tyler now... we did a lot of work in the last 6 months. On October 4th, our first single will be released (What's Wrong), we are shooting the video next week (so again, watch gotv). In March '05 the whole album (Don't Play) will be released. Fasten your seatbelt. 
Verena - Clip - 11. 08. 04
  Yesterday we made the video for Verena's next single "Daddy Leave Mommy Alone" (release: september 6). So watch gotv! 
Tjörn - 07. 08. 04
  On my 2 week vacation in Sweden I made a bunch of tracks with my fellas Lukas Hillebrand, Max Thomasberger and Raphael Spannocchi. The project was entitled after the isle we were living on - Tjörn. Samples will follow. 
Headache - 23. 06. 04
  Yesterday I finished my studies at the Vienna conservatory with honors... I guess now I'm a doctor of bassistry or something like that. I wanna say a huge Thanks to everyone involved! After that we did some heavy partying... today is the day of regrets. 
J.A.M. - 11. 05. 04
  The J.A.M. sampler (a collaboration of the guitarists Joel Rivard, Alessandro Benvenuti and Milan Polak) is finally out and has received great reviews. Flo Holoubek played the drums and Lale Larson (Allan Holdsworth) played keys. Samples will follow. 
Drew Sarich - 07. 05. 04
  Austro-American Drew Sarich (known from the musicals 'Hair', 'Tommy', 'Barbarella' and others) recently asked me to join his band. Titus Vadon is hitting the drums and Chris Harras plays guitar. 
Verena Pötzl - 06. 05. 04
  I was asked to play in the live band of Verena Pötzl... dates will be announced as soon as possible. Besides, Verena's debut album 'Taken Unaware' was released on monday and already went Gold.  
Peter Duke - 20. 04. 04
  Soul singer Peter Duke has formed a new band that consists of Jeff Frohner (keys), Markus Adamer (drums) and myself on bass. We are currently rehearsing to get this band working as soon as possible... watch out for live dates! 
Verena Pötzl - 21. 03. 04
  I am going to play half of Verena Pötzl´s album (winner of Starmania NG)... Willi Langer will play the other half of it. Christian Eigner ('Depeche Mode') will play drums and Markus Gartner/Martin Gellner ('Beat4Feet') the guitar. 
Vera Böhnisch - 19. 03. 04
  Recently I was in the studio with Vera Böhnisch to record the basscut of 'drifting away'... click music and check it out. 
OPIEN - 19. 02. 04
  The last two days I was in the studio to play the next album of Niko Stössl's and Phillip Brunner's Project 'Opien' (former 'Open')... this album will turn out excellent! It will be released around Oct/Nov 2004. As soon as possible I'll put samples on the website. 
Music! - 04. 01. 04
  Finally the page is finished, click “music” to find MP3s there from now on. Following up in the near future: samples of Tyler, Milan Polak, Vera Böhnisch etc. 
finally online... - 24. 11. 03
  Today we put the page online, although ”music” is still under construction, which will be changed soon... hope U like it! I am interested in feedback... 
Tyler - 18. 11. 03
  We found a label in ”Freiraum Musik” and are already recording the first Tyler-Album. Watch Tyler live at the next Freiraum Label Nights together with 'Die Falschen Freunde' & 'Side Effect'... 30 Jan 04 @ Planet Music, 20 Feb 04 @ Posthof Linz and 28 Feb 04 @ Szene Wien.