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new gear & music - 31. 01. 07
  Last week I got myself two new basses... a 1972 Fender Jazz Bass and a Hoyer from 1966. Plus, I added an OPIEN song to the music section. Enjoy! 
Lana Gordon - 13. 11. 06
  I will be playing the bass in the band of American Soul singer Lana Gordon. See dates for line up and gigs. Check out www.lanagordon.net 
Richard Bona - 26. 10. 06
  Yesterday, I received a two hour lesson by Richard Bona, one of the big masters of bass guitar and I am still buzzin! check out www.bonatology.com 
Starmania 3 - 06. 10. 06
  Starmania has come back to keep us studio musicians busy for the upcoming weeks and months. watch it and try to find out where I played bass :) 
Footloose - 02. 10. 06
  In december/january I will be playing Footloose in Klagenfurt. Beat4Feet are musical directors. 
news update - 19. 09. 06
  The summer wasn't as boring as the news section might make you believe... besides Carmen Cubana, many gigs, festivals, recording sessions and moving in a new flat i worked a lot with Tyler in the studio. We want to drop our next record as soon as possible. 
Studio - 30. 04. 06
  I did some recording session for violin virtuoso Lidia Baich (www.lidiabaich.com) as well as for singer/songwriter Kathi Friedmann. Samples will follow. 
Carmen Cubana - 07. 04. 06
  I will be playing the musical summer in Amstetten again, this year we will play 'Carmen Cubana', a latin version of Bizet's 'Carmen. The show starts July 19th. 
Maté Kameras - 23. 02. 06
  Recently, I was asked to join the band of Musical singer Maté Kameras. Check out dates for gigs and line up. 
supporting Simple Minds - 31. 01. 06
  I will on be on support tour for Simple Minds with Tyler. The tour will be leading us through Austria and Eastern Europe. For more details see dates. Check out www.simpleminds.com 
Mat Schuh/ Turkey - 16. 01. 06
  From 16th til 30th of January, I will be in Antalya at the Magic Life Club 'Sirene' to play a few gigs with Mat Schuh. I will be doing this again in July. 
Freundeskreis & Hosted By - 31. 10. 05
  Tyler was asked to make up a one hour program for Ö3, which can be heard on 'Ö3 Freundeskreis' on Saturday, Nov 5. at midnight. Additionally, there will be another 'hosted by Tyler on gotv' on Tuesday, Nov 8. at 9 pm. 
Vovox Endorsement - 05. 10. 05
  I signed with Vovox, defintely the best cables I know. Thanks to Jürg! www.vovox.ch
ANY CITY TOUR - 12. 09. 05
  In fall, we will start to hit Austria's roads again with Tyler which will be the 'ANY CITY TOUR' (see dates). Dates in Germany to follow. AND: From Sept 21 on, 'Separated' is played on MTV's Rockzone!  
Rising Girl & Aschenputtel - 24. 08. 05
  I played on some songs for the upcoming album of 'Rising Girl', among them the next single Helena. I can also be heard on Aschenputtel's Zauberland. IMPORTANT: to hear Separated of Tyler on FM4, mail to http://fm4.orf.at/wanted .  
New Baby - 11. 07. 05
  Yesterday I got a new bass. It has been custom made for me by Paul Zagler... I definitely wanted to go for a Fender Style 4 string again. See the gear section for further details. 
Separated! - 30. 05. 05
  It is finally confirmed.... 'Separated' will be the next Tyler single. Yesterday, we shot the video during a 22 hour session. It is going to be dropped in Austria on August 16th. If you can't wait for that... get the album! 
Jesus Christ Superstar - 06. 04. 05
  I'll be playing 'Jesus Christ Superstar' in Amstetten in summer (from July 20th til August 13th). Musical direction: Beat 4 Feet 
studio stuff - 19. 03. 05
  Last week I recorded the bass for the single of Aschenputtel (3. at Ö3 Soundcheck) and this week I played on the album of Lukas Perman. End of March I'll be in the studio to work on Drew Sarich's upcoming album. 
Next Releases - 18. 03. 05
  A few of my basses can be heard on Milan Polak's upcoming album Dreamscapes which is released worldwide on Lion Music. Plus, Tanja Hilber's vorher | nachher is mastered and will be released in May. A sample of it can be found on music.