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musicCamp - 22. 05. 09
  This summer I will be teaching at the musicCamp, a one-week workshop at the music university Vienna. I will be doing the bassclass as well as the bandclass for 'Alternative Rock'. It will run from Aug 31th to Sep 5th. Registrations until Aug 7th @ www.soundbase.at 
Roisin Murphy - 01. 05. 09
  I'll have the pleasure of rocking this year's LifeBall with Roisin Murphy, former frontwoman of Moloko, on May 16th. Don't miss it! 
back from france - 24. 10. 08
  I spent the last few weeks in Saint Privat in the south of France to record for the next Valerie album which is produced by David Bronner and Lukas Hillebrand. Besides receiving a master class by Dominique Di Piazza, I also got myself a hot 1962 Fender Precision Bass there. 
AHOI. - 01. 09. 08
  Once again I could not withstand the temptation to spend the cold time of the year on the luxury cruiser MS EUROPA. This year's destinations will, among others, include Dubai, The Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius, South Africa, Buenos Aires, Kap Hoorn and Santiago De Chile. So again: have a nice winter! :) 
Studio - 19. 08. 08
  After I spent the last few months mainly on stage, my upcoming work will be more in the studio, among others for Violetta Parisini, Erwin KIennast and for Valerie, whose second album will be recorded in the south of France. 
Musical summer - 01. 06. 08
  This summer I will be playing both 'Aida' in Amstetten and 'Jesus Christ Superstar' in Klagenfurt. 
update & music - 01. 03. 08
  I just made a generalupdate of the site - basically just added a few new pics, refreshed the date section as well as the gear section and put a hot new track up, that was recored at a live gig with Albin Janoska. Enjoy! 
The gear-hype - 01. 03. 08
  Recently, I have been covering myself again with loads of new equipment - besides a new Epifani cabinet, an Aguilar top and lots of effects, I got myself two old Tokais. My bassist's heart is going crazy. As well as my bank.... 
Albin gig on the net - 29. 01. 08
  If you don't feel like leaving home for the upcoming Albin Janoska gig on february 5th at the Radiokulturhaus, you might as well enjoy it in your living room. At 7.30 pm, the whole gig will be broadcasted on a livestream. radiokulturhaus.orf.at/highlights/113431.html
new music - 16. 10. 07
  I finally uploaded some new music on the site, a song by Violetta Parisini called 'On You'. Enjoy! 
...RIO! - 07. 10. 07
  I will spend the darkest 8 weeks of the year from Nov 25th until Jan 20th on the MS EUROPA, a luxury-cruiser to work in the band. The route leads us over the Atlantic Ocean to Rio, up to the Amazonas , to the Carribean and through the Panama canal to Acapulco. Have a nice winter! :) 
Myspace - 25. 09. 07
  As I am always the last one to follow any kind of hype, I finally got myself a myspace account.... check out www.myspace.com/peterschoenbauer 
10.000 and still loud - 29. 07. 07
  Today, it's my 10.000th day on planet earth... an anniversary rarely anyone celebrates. Anyway, life starts at 10.000! Cheers! 
Albin Janoska - 06. 06. 07
  I am glad to announce that from now on, I am part of the band for Amadeus-award winning Albin Janoska... line up and tour dates to be announced. check out www.myspace.com/janoska 
Tyler - 28. 04. 07
  Christina Stürmer asked us if we want to support her Austria Tour with Tyler and we decided to do 4 concerts, check out dates. We will be in the studio until mid of June to record our next album. Be aware. 
Short People - 26. 04. 07
  In the upcoming months, I'm going to play some Short People gigs... thanx to Hell Schartlmüller!  
Valerie - 23. 04. 07
  I recently agreed on playing in Valerie's band... the live debut will be at her album presentation on 2nd of May at the Lusthaus (Vienna). For Line Up check out dates
Carmen Cubana - 04. 04. 07
  The Latin-Pop opera 'Carmen Cubana' (Beat4Feet) will be going on tour in late summer and I will be responsible for the low end. The show will be playing in Munich, Vienna and Linz. Check out dates
Valerie - 01. 03. 07
  I lately recorded some basses for the upcoming debut Picknick of 'Saint Privat' singer Valerie. The whole thing will be released on Sony BMG on 4th of May. 
Nadine - 03. 02. 07
  These days, I will be recording some basses for Starmania-winner Nadine's upcoming album. Plus, I got myself a Fender Precision bass today.... enough for now.