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Amadeus Award / JLP - 02. 05. 13
  Julian le Play has won this year's Amadeus Award in two categories, 'Best Pop/Rock' and 'Best Engineered Album'. At the show, we got the chance to play Julian's new single 'Der Wolf' for the first time live. 
Philippe Dubreuille - 05. 10. 12
  Recently, i met luthier Philippe Dubreuille in London, he is a true master of his domain. Philippe is already working on a customized Precision Bass for me, and i can hardly wait for it! Check out his website: www.dubreuille-guitar.com 
Soweit Sonar - 29. 09. 12
  Yesterday, Julian Le Play's first album 'Soweit Sonar' was released. The band worked on that album in many sessions and we are very proud of it. Don't miss out on getting this one! 
Meena Cryle - 03. 06. 12
  I am going to play a few gigs with soul/blues singer Meena Cryle in summer and autumn. Very much looking forward to it.... look out for dates!
Heller Propeller - 27. 05. 12
  And yet another new release... Heller Propeller's first EP 'Between Pilots' has been dropped this week. Don't miss out on this great piece of music! It's also release number 1 of Albin Janoska's just recently founded label 'Oupin Music'. 
Julian Le Play - 20. 05. 12
  While we are in the middle of the process of fine-tuning Julian Le Play's debut album, his first single release is getting more and more airplay. It's called 'Mr. Spielberg' and they made an amazing music video to it. Watch out for live dates! 
Elija - 17. 05. 12
  Pop/rock newcomer Elija got himself a live band together which i am part of. Last week, he released his debut 'Beautiful But Incomplete', which he produced all by himself. I also had the honour to contribute some basslines for the album. 
Albertina Passage - 20. 12. 11
  A new club has opened its gates in Vienna. It is called Albertina Passage and there will be live music 5 times a week. I am part of the collective of musicians who play there. Geri Schuller and Werner Wurm are musical directors of the whole thing. 
Radio Wien - 11. 12. 11
  This week, I was in the studio to record basses for all jingles of Radio Wien. Thanks to the Soundfeilers for such a smooth cooperation! 
Tyler-Finale - 31. 10. 11
  I quit my duties with Tyler recently, which was not easy after 8 years of working together so intensely. I want to say thank you to Lukas, Alex, Moritz, Berni, Markus, Ludwig, the Phils (Eder & Riegler), the Martins (Ptak and Rotheneder), to David, Julia and to everyone else who was part of it. It was an absolutely amazing time! We're going to celebrate this farewell with three concerts, the very last one will be @ WUK in vienna on december 16th. Show up! 
Jazzodrom - 13. 10. 11
  Right now, I am on a Portugal-tour with my mates from Jazzodrom. We are playing four concerts at the 'Douro Jazz' Festival. Saudações cordiais para vocês! 
Julian Heidrich - 07. 06. 11
  I am currently in the studio with Julian Heidrich to record his first album along with my mates Lukas Hillebrand, David Lackner and Alex Pohn. Our first live gig will be on June 26th at the Donauinselfest Vienna, make sure to check it out! 
China-Tour - 04. 05. 11
  I am in China right now to play a series of gigs with Valerie. China and Austria are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their diplomatic relations. 最衷心的问候! 
R.I.P. Albert Kreuzer - 27. 04. 11
  On april 7th 2011, my dear friend Albert Kreuzer lost his life in a tragic accident. Albert was my first teacher and had a very big influence on me, not only musically. I'll see you someday, Albert. In the meantime, you'll be missed down here... 
Tyler News - 28. 11. 10
  Our new single 'sister sunrise' is receiving great airplay on the radio, but it is also being featured in the current suzuki campagne. Around the time of the album release on march 18th 2011, we will be dropping our next single 'the future'. Be aware! 
HVM - 05. 11. 10
  Another season of Starmania has arrived to keep the local musicians and producers occupied. The only difference: this time it is called Helden Von Morgen. Listen close and try to guess what basslines i played ;) 
2 new bands - 08. 05. 10
  Recently, I have joined Albin Janoska's new band 'Heller Propeller' featuring frontwoman Loretta Whoo. Check out www.myspace.com/hellerpropeller Coming up, I will be doing dates with 'Ganes' - www.myspace.com/ganesmusic 
MTD for life! - 18. 01. 10
  I am very glad to announce that Michael Tobias has accepted me as an MTD artist... Michael is truly a legend among the bass luthiers. Right now he is working on an instrument we have designed together two months ago in Los Angeles. Check out www.mtdbass.com 
L.A. - 15. 08. 09
  On September 11th, I will be going to Los Angeles with my Tyler boys and stay there for 7 weeks. We will try to get some contacts, we'll play some gigs, but the most important thing is to have an incredible time there. Californ-I-A here we come! I'll be back in Vienna on November 1st. 
Rockville - 08. 06. 09
  I will be joining the Amstetten summer camp again. This year we will be doing 'Rockville', a musical by Beat4Feet and Kim Duddy.