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Zugvögel - 22. 02. 16
  I recently spent four very intense weeks in France with Julian le Play and band, we were there to record our next album 'Zugvögel'. It will be released in end of april. 
musicWeek - 03. 08. 15
  From august 24th until 29th, I will be hosting the band class for 'alternative rock / pop' at the musicWeek, which is a workshop organized by wienXtra soundbase. Very much looking forward to a fun week! 
Richard Cocco Strings - 23. 07. 15
  I am now a proud endorser of R.Cocco Strings, to me really the greatest strings you can possibly find out there. Thanks a lot to R.Cocco and to Hans Peter Wilfer of Warwick & Co! 
Waldeck / Romania - 04. 05. 15
  End of this week, I will be playing two concerts with Waldeck in Romania (Bucharest and Timisoara). 
Marina & The Kats - 29. 04. 15
  Marina & The Kats is a mini Big Band featuring singer Marina Zettl. As a substitute for Jörg Haberl, i have the pleasure of playing not only the bass but also the bass drum for them. Recently, we played at the Jazzahead in Bremen, upcoming is (amongst others) a jazz festival in San Francisco. 
Album Of The Year 2015 - 30. 03. 15
  Yesterday, we were awarded the Austrian Amadeus Music Award (Album Of The Year) for Julian le Play's album 'Melodrom'. Thanks to all of you for your great support! This year, we will be working on the next album. 
Loretta Who - 21. 03. 15
  In the past years, I have been collaborating with Loretta Who in different bands (Das Erste Wiener Heimukulelenorchester, Heller Propeller). We are now in the process of working on her solo debut, an EP is in the pipe and our first live gig will be at the Vienna Mumok Hofstallungen on April 16th. Don't miss out! 
Like A Hike - 23. 02. 15
  I had the pleasure of contributing some of my playing to the debut album of my good friend and outstanding drummer Flo Holoubek. It is called 'Like A Hike' and it's available on itunes.... go and get it! 
Gold for 'Melodrom' - 14. 01. 15
  Today, Julian le Play's second album 'Melodrom' went Gold! Thanks to all of you! This year, we will be working intensively on the third album. 
Wecker signation - 26. 08. 14
  If you listen to the Ö3 Wecker between 5 and 9 am in the morning, you'll hear me playing on the jingles, we recorded them a few months ago at the Soundfeiler studio. 
Summer '14 - 06. 07. 14
  In summer, Julian le Play will be doing several support shows for James Blunt and for Revolverheld - see dates. Also, I am in the middle of the last rehearsals for the first Yta Moreno show. And end of July, I will be doing a Jesus Christ Superstar production in Munich. 
Yta Moreno - 10. 06. 14
  Just recently, I have joined the band of brazilian Austrian Yta Moreno from Rio De Janeiro. Also on board: Fred Mascavo on drums and Günter Wagner on keys. Our first gig will be at the Musikpavillon in Linz on July 27th, further dates to be announced. 
Austria / Germany Tour - 14. 04. 14
  I am currently touring Austria and Germany with Julian le Play. All 9 shows in Austria were sold out. Now we're in Germany, playing 17 shows. 
Rock To Bethlehem - 13. 12. 13
  Das Erste Wiener Heimukulelenorchester will be travelling to Bethlehem next week to perform at the 'Rock To Bethlehem' Festival on december 20th. Thanks to Manu Fleckenstein! We are looking forward to it! 
Julian le Play / Melodrom - 25. 11. 13
  After working extensively at the Lords Of The Sounds studio in Michelhausen, we proudly announce that Julian le Plays second album is finished and it will be called 'Melodrom'. The upcoming year, we will play our a**es off on the new material. 
Monoklaes - 20. 09. 13
  It has been a pleasure for me to record with a small, yet great band from Germany called Monoklaes. Thanks to producer Martin Rott for the call and to Peter and Burkhard for the great music! 
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