I was born in Tulln (Austria) in 1980. Growing up in a very musical family, I first came in touch with music in 1990, when I started to learn trumpet at the local music school. Drummer Bernie Grill, who was a schoolmate of mine, inspired me to switch to bass in 1995. My first teacher was Albert Kreuzer. During the following years I started practising intensively and rehearsed a lot with my first bands. In 1997 as well as in 1998 I received the first prize in the category bass from the Union of music schools of Lower Austria. Additionally, I took part in a lot of courses and workshops.
Right after my graduation in fall 1998, I passed the entrance exam at the conservatory of Vienna. There I was taught by Uli Langthaler. I also started to put more emphasis on the upright bass. The next summer I took part in the summer program at the bass collective in New York City. Around that time I started getting busy playing local gigs and building up contacts in the Austrian music scene.

In my early twens my presence in the Austrian live- as well as studioscene increased constantly. In June 2004 I made my diploma at the conservatory with honors. In 2003 I joined Tyler, which became my main occupation up to 2011, when the band split. Still, I stayed busy working as a freelancer with other bands during that period of time. In 2011, Tyler split. Still, we didn't stop working together, since we met youngster Julian Heidrich (now better known as Julian le Play) around the same time. We became his band and have been busy in the studio and live ever since. Check out credits to find out who I've been working with so far.


Julian le Play, Marina & The Kats, Tyler, Conchita, Loretta Who, Albin Janoska, Roisin Murphy, Vera Böhnisch, Valerie, Meena Cryle, Anna F, Waldeck, Heller Propeller, Hans im Glück, Joni Madden, Boris Bukowski, Drechsler, Ganes, Mo, Haddaway, Monika Ballwein, Milan Polak, Drew Sarich, Mat Schuh, Lidia Baich, Rounder Girls, Sandra Pires, Superfly Radio Orchestra, Shortpeople, Millions Of Dreads, Beat 4 Feet, Hubert Tubbs, 'Big John' Whitfield...


Julian le Play, , Marina & The Kats, Tyler, Loretta Who, Valerie, Mo, Violetta Parisini, Elija, Milan Polak, Flo Holoubek, Heller Propeller, Virginia Ernst, Aleksey Igudesman, Cindy Gomez, Nadine Beiler, Eva K. Anderson, Schmidhammer, Vera Böhnisch, Lidia Baich, Verena Pötzl, Opien (Niko Stössl), Erwin Kiennast, Horst Chmela, Mario Pecoraro, Rising Girl, Lukas Perman, Aschenputtel, Drew Sarich, 3 Feet Smaller...